Solo trip → Fremantle

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hi guys!

As you guys already know, I like to document my thoughts and experiences throughout my life on this platform. With that being said, this post to be perfectly honest, is something mainly for myself.

Yesterday, I took a spontaneous solo trip down to fremantle and just started exploring the area. I uploaded a vlog for you guys, and I just really wanted to encapture and convey my excitement on that day.

Overall I had a really good day yesterday, I met and talked to some lovely people, the weather was perfect and I found a $5 note.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, and as a side note, I'm sorry if a lot of the video is shaky. A lot of this footage was recorded whilst I was skateboarding. 

I hope you guys have a lovely day, and I'll hopefully have another video or blogpost up very soon.

Chantel xx

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