Distressed and effortless

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hi everyone!

So with the term slowly coming into a close, this means that holidays are approaching. Besides the constant pamphlets of revision courses being given, I am also reminded that my final moments of high school are coming closer. Leaver quotes submissions, leavers jumper forms and last school events. All of which have passed or are approaching. During this time, the people around me (including myself) are succumbing to the dreadful pressure of what we want to do for the next 5+ years of our lives. I'd be lying if I said the thought isn't daunting for me, and to be completely honest I've shed a tear over it. The people whom I'm surrounded by all give me different opinions, some telling me to not stress as I'm only 17, and some telling me to make up my decision quickly. It's hard not to let these thoughts overwhelm you sometimes, especially if you have people around you whom are so certain about what they want to do. At this point I'd love to give you guys advice on what to do, but to be perfectly honest I'm stuck myself. So all I can say is, is that if you're my age or if you're younger and are already having these thoughts yourself, I wish you luck!

Anyway onto this post. So this was very much a spontaneous blogshoot. I got home on the Friday afternoon, and decided it had been a while since I had last posted. So I quickly assembled an outfit and headed out to shoot. The outfit, to my surprise had came out better than I had initially imagined. It embodied my current style which is very chic, but effortless at the same time. The distressed denim jeans, loosely worn shirt and sneakers had given the effortless element to this look.

But accessories can bring an outfit to another level. Dainty minimalistic pieces I think, personally suit this outfit the best. Wearing bold statement pieces would completely counteract with the effortless image this outfit is projecting.

I'd like to also add in, I think minimal makeup suits this look the best. Besides my bold orange lip colour, I tried to keep everything more on the simpler side giving a more how should I put it, "I just got out of bed 5 minutes ago, and I only put in enough effort to look presentable" look. I know that's a weird description, but that's honestly the best way I could describe it.

Any that is it for this post. I thought I'd be nice of me to quickly share a little life update whilst uploading my usual fashion content. I hope you guys are having a lovely day, and hopefully I'll have another blogpost up soon.

Chantel xx

Outfit details:
Button up shirt - Thrifted
Distressed jeans - Bardot
Bag - Cue
Shoes - Lacoste
Key bangle - Pigeonhole
Arrowhead bangle - Evan Evina
Buckle bangle - The Peach Box
Half moon ring - Kookai
3 chained rings - Kookai
Geometric ring - Pigeonhole

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