A collection of time

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hi everyone!

I know its been a while since I have posted. School has been super hectic these past 3 weeks. The work load has piled up again, and the overwhelming sense of doom is becoming more frequent. However, senior year has brought in some perks, one of them being my senior year formal (I'll be uploading a new blogpost about it!). I'm finding blogging incredibly difficult, as its so hard to be consistent in uploading new content. But nevertheless, I won't abandon both this blog and you guys.

In this post, I'm just going to share a collection of photos that I have taken during my absence. They're all photos I took on my iPhone, so don't expect amazing quality photos!

That's it for this blogpost! I'll be releasing another blogpost talking about my senior year formal experience, and I'll also include some video clips along with it! I hope you guys are well, and I'll have another post up soon (ish).

Chantel xx

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