3 Ways To Style A Jumpsuit

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hi guys!

So if you're coming from my youtube video then welcome! This is the third and final look for styling a jumpsuit.

I don't know why, but the word nomad comes into mind when I styled this outfit. It's probably due to the fact that this outfit features casual pieces such as a oversized long sleeve shirt, and black sandals. Plus, every time I think about jumpsuits that are breezy and loose at the legs, I picture dessert wanderers, but to be honest with you I probably think this way due to my last outfit post (click here to see my last outfit post "A Saharan Desire"). Regardless, I can easily summaries this outfit as being, a comfy and casual chic outfit. 

Also as a side note, I cut my hair. It looked significantly shorter when I had first cut it, due to me getting layers in (its been 6 years since I've had layers). I'm thinking of maybe going shorter in the future, but for now this already a big change for myself. However, if you had me on snapchat, you would've known I've cut my hair a while ago, so please add me on snapchat @moderndaychic as I am more active on my snapchat and instagram platforms. 

Ok so quick backstory about this outfit. I thrifted this shirt for $5.20 at the salvation army. It was such an impulse purchase, but there were numerous reasons as to why I purchased this garment:
  1.  The spacing of the vertical stripes - If you drop down to the second last image, you'll see that the lines are broken down nicely. Relative to my other striped tops, these lines are thicker
  2. The colour tone of the garment -  The colour tone of the shirt is a lighter sky blue shade, which compliments white pieces nicely.
  3. The cut of the garment - The shirt is very loose, and I love the fact that there is no collar with this top. It allows for the piece to be styled more casually, as it gives less of a corporate image.
I also bought this jumpsuit on a whim. I walked into Bronze Snake, due to the fact they recently opened and my friend hadn't been in there yet. I saw the half price rack and obviously I had to see what they had. Luckily for me this was the last jumpsuit of this style, and it was in my size.

I decided to pair these pieces with sandals and a leather backpack. They give a more casual feel to the outfit, and due to these pieces being black, they gave a nice contrast to the clothing. I kept the jewellery more simple. Initially I wasn't going to wear any, but I felt they gave a more chic feel to this outfit. Of course, I had to wear a pair of sunglasses. From what I had, I thought these cat-eyed House of Harlow sunglasses matched the outfit the best.

So if you guys haven't seen my youtube video, then this is a look book in which I show you guys 3 different ways as to how to style a jumpsuit. I've always loved creating little short films, so I've decided that from now on I'll create some more content like this, along with my usually blogposts.

Anyway that is it for this post. Sorry being so inactive for so long. Unfortunately, I'm going to be less frequent with my blogposts, as I have to place school as a higher priority. I hope you guys understand this, and will keep on supporting this blog! Thank you.

Chantel xx

Outfit details:
Shirt - thrfted
Jumpsuit - Ache (exclusive to Bronze Snake Shop) 
Shoes - Shu bar
Glasses - House of Harlow
Back pack - Seed Heritage 
Arrow head bracelet - Evan Evina
Gold geometric ring - Pigeonhole
Orange diamonte ring - Lovisa 

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