A Summer Stopover

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

So where have I been for the past 1/2 months? Unfortunately, I don't have an amazing story to share with you guys for my recent hiatus off Modern Day Chic. Honestly, I have just been so preoccupied with my school work that I haven't had enough time to write. I just finished my exams this week (*cries*), and since I didn't have any homework, I figured this is a good time for me to shoot a blogpost. The idea or concept, if you will, of this blogpost is one which revolves around my bicycle. I remember ever since I had started Modern Day Chic, I had always wanted to do a shoot with my bicycle. There's no time better than the present! I ended up spending the day with my friend. Since we've been so busy with exams we hadn't had time to meet up with each other. So basically, I spent my day just talking with my friend. To be honest, when I imagined how I wanted these photos to turn out the night before the shoot, I wanted to create a look that was perfect for the summer time. An outfit that was comfortable, casual and easy to move around in. So this is my interpretation of that idea, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

Sorry, I'm was very indecisive with what sunglasses I should've worn for this post, so I ended up wearing both.

I'm so sorry that this blogpost doesn't have any amazing street art/street shot photos.

Sorry for being very inactive on Modern Day Chic. I hope you guys understand and will continue to read my posts. I will try to have another post up as soon as possible. If you want to know why I am away for so long or when I will have another post up, follow me on instagram @moderndaychic! That way, I can still keep in contact you guys. I hope you have a lovely day and I will try to post soon.

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:

Chambray top - H&M
Shorts - Bruug the label 
Lace up sandals - Senso 
Backpack - Seed Heritage 
Reflective Sunglasses - Le Specs 
Aviators Sunglasses - Ray Ban 
Watch - Myer 

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  1. Super cute post!