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Monday, April 06, 2015

Hello everybody,

Wow.. it's been a year since my very first post on Modern Day Chic! Not only was it the 1 year anniversary of Modern Day Chic (29th March), it was also my 16th birthday (30th March). Anyway in celebrations of the anniversary of Modern Day Chic, I wanted to co-ordinate an outfit that used a garment in my very first blogpost. So in this outfit, I wanted to wear my gold bomber jacket from the post "Exploring Fremantle". I wanted to show you guys how after 1 year of blogging, how my taste and style has changed. I've been influenced through different things in my life, not only through fashion related things, but also street art, music, people whom I met. All these things and more have helped contribute to the growth and change of my style. This past year has been a big experience. Whether you were here for my first blogpost or whether you just discovered my blog now, thanks for being here throughout my 1 year blogging journey.

Anyway now onto the outfit. So to be perfectly honest, my criteria for this outfit had to tick two things:
1. It had to incorporate my gold bomber jacket
2. It had to be comfortable - also NO HEELS

This outfit was more on the casual side. However, just because it's casual doesn't mean that I can't put a twist on things. I wanted to make my bomber jacket the feature of this outfit, hence I wore very dark and neutral colours, so that it will compliment the gold well. What I love about this bomber jacket is that, it isn't solid gold. There is a black underlying the gold, and the gold itself gives a dull silver sheen. For some reason, it appears to be a gunmetal gold, if that exists. Anyway my point being, is that due to it having a underlying of black, it makes the bomber jacket more unique and different, which essentially is not a bad thing.

On this day it also really hit me, how I'm officially in year 11. Practically all of my friends were busy studying for tests. I only had 1 test that week, and I had studied for it on the weekend, since I knew I was going to be out on Monday. Due to everyone being busy, I ended up celebrating my birthday with 2 girls in the year below me. Which might sound sad to others, but to me I didn't mind since we're good friends. But it might be worth to mention we're born in the same year, so essentially by the end of 2015, we'll all be 16. Regardless, I didn't celebrate my birthday alone, plus those girls make everything really enjoyable anyway.

I had to prepare myself prior to the day of the shoot. The main reason for me going out for my birthday, was to get free food.... Yep... I said it, I only went out on my birthday for the free food. So I had to prepare myself for the judgement that I would receive from staff members. To be perfectly honest it was only one lady that judged me, but hey, by then I had no shame. After all I did get free food, and free food (that tastes nice) is the best type of food you can get.

The next two photos are a result of us trying to get a "cool" walking picture. The first photo is just absolutely stupid, and it somewhat looks like I'm doing a weird dance? The second photo is only one that looks ok. You don't even want to know how long it took to get a decent photo.

I wanted to try a different filter with this photo. It was already blurry, so I thought to myself, might as well go all they way, and make it different from the others completely. As per usual here are a few street art/street shots that I took.

Anyway, that is it for now. Thank you for supporting me for this past year. You guys don't understand how much I enjoy blogging. I see this blog as a creative outlet, and as a way for me to express what I am passionate about. I hope that you guys will continue supporting me throughout this journey. I love you guys, and I'll hopefully have another post up soon.

Thank you

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:
Top - Bardot
Shorts - Ladakh
Bomber Jacket - Finders Keepers
Shoes - Lacoste 
Jewellery - Collected over time, so I'm not sure
Glasses - House of Harlow
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

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