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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hello everybody,

I have an exciting post today as today I am going to show you guys my outfit for my first styling lesson at Ivanna Fontana's styling course. I started my first lesson on Monday and I definitely wanted to make a good first impression. I'm going to not only show you my outfit, but tips on how to stand out from the rest.

First impressions count. Whenever you meet someone, generally its your appearance that would make the first impression. Going into this course, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to dress to impress and to show what my style is made of. So here are a few tips that I'm going to share to help you make a good first impression and tips on how to stand out.

 1. Plan the night before
What I do if I have an important event coming up, is that I will generally plan my outfit prior to the event. Always consider the following when you're choosing your outfit:
What are you doing?
Who are you meeting?
How do you feel?

What are you doing?
Also dress for practicality. The bottom line is, is that you must always dress according to what you will be doing that day. You wouldn't be running a 10km marathon in heels would you? Unless you enjoy running in heels, I am assuming that the majority of you guys wouldn't. In saying this, be reasonable and style yourself to your daily tasks.

Who are you meeting?
Whether it's your friend, partner or a possible new client, you must always dress appropriately. Consider who you're meeting and draw the line in your outfits. For example if I were to meet a client, I wouldn't be wearing a dress that showed a lot of cleavage. It's important to show who you are as a person through your outfits, but you must remember to show it in a correct manner.

How do you feel?
Always wear something that you're comfortable in. Your outfits are a expression of who you are, so there's no point in wearing something you don't like yourself. When you wear something that you don't like, it shows through the way you act. So it's important to wear what YOU want to wear.

2. Experiment 
Try to think outside of the box. Sometimes it's ok to be a bit different in order to stand out. If you've ever felt hesitant about trying to pair two things together, or if you wanted to wear that top differently, I say GO FOR IT! There's nothing I love more than wearing garments more than one way. My favourite garment to experiment in, is long sleeve button up shirts.

3. Be open and be YOURSELF
At the end of the day, you are you. There's no point in changing yourself for one person or even 1000 people at that. If you try to connect, and people don't like you for you, don't bother wasting your time. There will always be people who'll like you for you, so there's no need for you to ever change yourself. Remember to always stay true to yourself.

 In my efforts to stand out I did two things. First I wore my knee length Saba shorts. I don't see a lot of people rocking knee length shorts. So to quickly explain:
Wearing something I love at the moment + Garment that isn't worn a lot = My type of outfit
Plus, on top of me wearing knee length shorts to stand out, I also wanted to experiment with how I style my long sleeve button up shirt. I decided to button my top up to a certain point, wrap the sleeves along my chest area and tie a knot to hold it in place. I essentially turned my long sleeve button up shirt, into a bustier.

Can I just say, that I thought I was going to fall whilst I was trying to get up. You guys might not know this but the gap had a small width, plus it was quite high and to top it off I was wearing heels. I think I deserve a medal.

Until I uploaded the photos, I didn't realise how many street art/shots I took. So enjoy!

That is it for now! I'll have a new blogpost coming soon. I hope you guys are well, and I try to post again very soon.

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:
Top - Witchery
Shorts - Saba
Shoes - Windsor Smith
Bag - Marc By Marc Jacobs 
Sunglasses - House of Harlow 
Watch - Mimco

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