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Sunday, May 18, 2014

 Hi guys!

Sorry but unfortunately today isn't going to be another Europe post but a shot that I did today. So today I wanted to to dress presentable but still somewhat comfortable. Basically what I had planned for the day was just studying with two other friends for school, yea I know I have an amazing social life. But jokes aside I did get quite a lot of studying done for my economics test coming up on Thursday. Anyway today's shoot is featuring some (I think recently done) street art around Perth. I couldn't help but use the street art as inspiration for my shoot today.

I had wanted to dress quite comfortable and limit how much I needed to bring. So I had just brought with me a small side bag. In my earlier post I had talked about how I loved adding bright accessories to my outfits. Well here is an perfect example of some of my colour loving ways.

Originally I was going to wear something a bit more thin and just wear a textured white tee-shirt with this outfit and change my shoes to a pair of sandal-heels but I decided to opt out for some ankle boots and a tank with my bomber jacket because:
a) It was quite cold and I didn't plan on bringing a jacket with me if I wore a tee-shirt
b) It was going to rain and I sure didn't want to wear heels in the rain

Overall I was happy with my choice because well the key thing for me (usually) is comfort, especially if your gonna do a study sesh.

To finish off this post here are some nice shots of street art that I had found today, enjoy!!

Anyway that's all for now guys, byeeeeee!

Chantel xx

Outift details:
Low back tank top-Similar Here
Bardot distressed Jeans- Similar Here

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