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Friday, May 16, 2014

 Hi everyone!

So today's blogpost was shot in Venice at St Marks Square. So on the day that this was shot my tour group had only just arrived in Venice, so I was quite tired from the long bus trip however I couldn't help but be energetic since well.... it's VENICE. Ok guys if you are ever going to be travelling to Venice, on the way to the hotel WEAR COMFY SHOES OK! So this is what happened... I bought these pairs of shoes in H&M whilst I was in Florence and everybody has those pairs of shoes that you need to wear into before they become comfy yea? Anyway I wore those types of shoes and oh boy did I hate myself for wearing them. So I don't know if this is the only way to get to Venice but this is what my tour group did. So our bus stopped and we had to take a train to Venice (that wasn't so bad) then we had to get off the train and walk to our hotel (that wasn't so bad either), the bad part was that the only way to get to our hotel was to walk OVER a bridge. Now you guys might be thinking Chantel wtf, why are you being such a wimp, hahaha NO. Unlike bridges back in Perth this bridge for whatever reason just had to have stairs. So you just see a bunch of 41 girls climbing up a bridge with their suitcases in agony and then you see people around us staring (The staring made it worse -____-). So the moral of the story is to wear COMFY SHOES. As soon as I reached the hotel (which also had stairs and NO elevator so we had to again climb up with our suitcases again) I had changed my shoes into what you guys now see in the blogpost. But on the bright side me and my roomates did get the best room this time, it was superrrr spacious and when you climbed out of the window you hit a garden, so it was indeed the best room compared to all the other girls.

When we had hit Venice it was quite warm so I had to take off some layers. Before this picture here I was wearing a scarf and Utility Jacket.

So since I had told you we were travelling I had decided to wear comfy clothes (except for the shoes of course).  We had a tour guide at 3:00 that day so I had to be prepared for anything hence the distressed jeans.

Shoutout to the cool gramps in the background, you really make the picture (and no that wasn't sarcasm)

Also, sorry for not having a picture of my accessories, but I didn't really wear much anyway.

 And like I had told you guys before, here are some pictures of Venice itself. Enjoy!

Yes you need a picture of Gondalas, it's an essential.

That's all for now guys bye!

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:
H&M Top-  Similar Here
Bardot Jeans- Similar Here
H&M Boots
Leather Bag from a market in Vietnam
Ebay arrow ring
ROC Eyewear Day Sunglasses Black
Marc By Marc Jacobs Lenticular Olive Ring
Mimco Watch

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