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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't updated my blog yet, I actually came back a while ago but due to things like jet lag and school test/assignments I haven't been able to update it yet. However I do have some free time now so I thought I'll update it. Whilst I was gone I was able to visit, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Unfortunately for whatever reason some of my pictures were randomly deleted, including my initial blogpost for Vienna. You guys do not know how upset I am because Vienna was my favourite place to visit plus it was possibly my favourite shoot. But I can't go back in time and fix things so I'm sorry for that. Anyway todays blogpost is going to be featuring the first place that I had visited... ROME!

So although it looks quite sunny, DON'T let this fool you. When I had woke up that morning I was freezing and to be honest I had rather spent my day just lying in bed, however I obviously couldn't do that so I dragged myself up in the cold weather. I usually like planning my outfits the night before if I'm not too lazy so the night before I had decided to go monochrome but with a splash of colour.

Here I am wearing a very handy and versatile bomber jacket that is actually reversible (if you guys didn't notice). For me the trick to a monochrome look is combining the right textures and prints to still create an interesting outfit. But of course me still being me, I still need some colour in my life.

How I usually incorporate colour in a monochrome look is through my accessories so in this case my bag and sunglasses.

I absolutely adore these sunglasses, I love how it actually has two colours to it, if you can't notice around the edges of the lenses there is actually a blue tint to it. So usually you would get to see a green-blueish colour.

So I actually shot this post on the balcony of one of the girls in my tours room. My room actually didn't have a a balcony and was possibly the smallest room out of all the girls in my tour. Let me give you an idea of how small it was, the bathroom and entrance door was about 1 or less meters away from our beds, yep that's pretty small. Plus you have 4 girls in that room, ughh #firstworldproblems. But because of this, that just made us more appreciative of the other hotel rooms to come.

Also I think that I should mention this but from now on every post I do that is to do with me travelling I would also include some typical tourist pictures that I have taken. Enjoy!!

Also in case your wondering who this girl is, this is Linda and she actually helps takes my photos for me for my blog. In the first picture if you look really carefully in my sunglasses, you can actually see her taking my photos :p

Anyway that's all for now bye

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:
Sportsgirl Reversible Bomber Jacket
Kmart White Tank Top
Ebay rings (circle, square, triangle)

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