Flight Skin Care Routine

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Because I will be leaving tomorrow for a 17 and a half hour flight to Rome, I thought I would share with you guys my skin care routine for the flight.

Ok, let's be real who has time to go to the toilet, cleanse your face at the basin and walk back to your seat. Not me I think I'm too lazy for that. This is why I decided to bring facial cleansing wipes with me instead. I know on the packaging says that it removes make up however I don't really wear make up to the airport and on a further note I don't recommend you even wearing make up on the plane. If you do decide to wear make up to the airport I suggest that as soon as you get onto your plane that you should remove it straight away. The reason being for this is that you actually lose a lot of moisture in your skin and your skin is going to dry out, then because of this your skin is going to try to make up for that buy producing oils. So imagine that while this is happening to your skin on top of that you have a layer of make up on your face. Yea it isn't a pretty picture is it. Now you might be wondering why would you even cleanse your face, this is because the air on the plane is GERM FILLED. Yes the air in the plane is contained with heaps of germs so me being me I want to clean my face as much as possible to have less germs on my face.

So usually I don't bring sheet masks with me but because this flight is going for over 17 hours I think that a sheet mask might be an essential for me. I personally love Chia seeds, they are so beneficial for your body and its absolutely crazy to think about all the benefits that you get just from eating them. So you can imagine that when I found out that there was a Chia seed sheet mask I kinda went into a fangirl state for a minute or two. Now obviously I did think practically and I didn't just choose this because it had Chia seed extract in it. I chose it because Chia seeds add 10x more moisture to your skin then any other element, and as I had said before your skin will lose a lot of  moisture from the plane. So in my books this sheet masks ticks all the boxes

Now I think this is very self explanatory
So just to summarize:
Losing moisture = MOISTURIZER ASAP 

So personally I think that a dash of lipstick can help make you a bit more presentable. So when I do land/stop over I like to add a bit of lipstick to my lips. 

Lets be real guys no one likes a stinky sweaty passenger, especially if that's you. So I don't know about you but deodorant is a must for me as I don't like to smell; also not going to lie but I feel a bit self conscious when I do smell because when I approach someone they might think woah she stinks, so yep this is why I wear deodorant. So by putting on deodorant I'm not only doing myself a favor but the person sitting next to me as well.

Ok so on top of the deodorant I like to have a little spritz of perfume on me just after a flight as well.

So why tone my face? I like to tone my face just because it helps clean my face a step further. Also personally I feel super refreshed and cooled right after I tone my face. I think it's my favourite part of my skin care routine.

Hopefully this post somewhat helped you and gave you some new info that you didn't know before. So just in case you guys are wondering I will be gone for 15 days in Europe so I won't post as frequently as I would like to, however I will be taking heaps of pictures of my outfits and of my surroundings. I will post one more post tomorrow so make sure you check it out. Hope you guys enjoyed this and look forward to tomorrow.

Chantel xx

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  1. hey channy, where did you get the little bottles from? as you know i'm going to europe too soon, and i reckon i'll need to get some of those. amazing tips, by the way :)

  2. never mind, just saw the link, haha