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Monday, March 02, 2015

Hello everybody,

On my instagram (@moderndaychic), I asked you guys what you would like to see, and obviously the most popular topic was the styling of cheap garments. Now I don't know about you guys, but I love me some bargain hunting, in fact I dare to say it's one of my (very) few talents. So in this blogpost, I decided to show you guys how you can take a VERY inexpensive garment *cough $1 top*, and make it still look chic. Plus I'll talk about things to consider when you are bargain hunting.

Now, I am a huge fan of sales, bargains etc. So over my 15 (nearly 16) years of experience, I know exactly how to style my cheap garments, and turn them into a chic outfit that could possibly look twice the original price. Here are 2 tips that have always helped me:

1. Accessories! I'm a huge believer in spending a bit more for "designer pieces". This is because I know that they're well made, and that I'll use/wear them frequently. For me it isn't about brand names, it's more about how the pieces are made, and if they are of sound quality. When you add in accessories, try to go for ones which are well made. Usually when there is a scratch on that faux leather bag, or signs of wear in your jewellery, it can have an impact on your overall appearance of your outfit, in comparison to good quality accessories. So my advice is not to make everyone buy expensive designer pieces (since that isn't realistic), but to buy well made items that will last you for a very long time.

2. Sandal heels. Now this is not usually a for sure 100% guarantee tip, but usually something as simple as adding sandal really classes up an outfit. That is why I always advice people that if you were invest in a pair of heels, always invest in sandal heels. You'll start to realise after you purchase them that they are very versatile, and they go with a whole bunch of different outfits.

As you read before, I am a bargain hunter. I do not discriminate due to brand names etc. Whatever I like, I wear even if it is a $1 top. Here are a few things I take into consideration when bargain hunting:

1. The fabric - Especially when it comes to basic pieces, you don't want to be using a cheap looking fabric. Through my experience, if the fabric feels and looks cheap then it won't last you a long time, and as you wash the garment, the quality of the piece disintegrates. A fabric that you should always be wary of is chiffon. Chiffon is a fabric which can easily look cheap and not well made if the quality isn't good.

2. The colour - When choosing garments, you want to be sure that when it's time to wash your garments that the colour won't fade. In saying this, there are a few pieces which still look great even when faded. However the majority of the time is that, if they're faded, not only does it show that the garment was produced under cheap costs, but the quality of the garment doesn't last and I usually find myself giving away garments which I'd hoped lasted.

Also can we please stop and acknowledge how amazing these sunglasses are?! These are hands down one of the most well made, awesome looking sunglasses that are so underrated. They're from a brand called Hachill, which is a famous Chinese designer that specialise in glasses. I am in love with the blue/green reflective lenses and I am especially in love with the matte frames. I seriously encourage everyone to check out this brand for good quality glasses. If you want to purchase a pair check out Hypnotise Storefor free Western Australia shipping, plus free shipping in Australia for purchases over $120. Don't worry, for all you people who live outside of Australia I got your back. They also provide worldwide shipping, so don't worry about missing out. They currently have a special going so check them out!

That is it for now, I hope you guys have an awesome day and hopefully I'll have another post up soon.

Chantel xx

Outfit details:
Top - Kmart
Shorts - Fleurette 
Belt - Kookai
Shoes - Windsor Smith
Clutch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch - Mimco
Sunglasses - Hachill

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