Both sides of the spectrum - Collaboration!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hi guys!

So this post is a special collaboration that I did with Theresa writer of ThereasaTrends. In our posts we wanted to show you guys two different outfits for two different types of weather. To put it quite bluntly, my post will show a styling for warmer weather, and Theresa will show you a styling for colder weather. Click here to see her post!

For my outfit, all I knew is, is that I wanted to wear something girly. To be perfectly honest, for the past month I was struggling with seeing beauty within myself. It was only the day before this shoot, in which I'd finally got over this period of slight depression. I'm sharing this with you guys for 2 reasons:
1. Since I've gotten over that period, the next day I wanted to wear something more feminine and something that made me feel beautiful. Hence the reason why my outfit is more on the girly side in this post. It had been so long since I've worn my white skirt, and I felt that the timing for me to start wearing it again was right.
2. I wanted to share my experience with you guys because, I know there are people out there who might be going through the same thing. People are different, for me it took a month to get over, for some it can take a week, or even a year. Something important that you should always remember is that, YOU'RE IN CONTROL OF HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF! Don't let anyone make you feel bad about the way you are. I personally struggled with finding beauty within myself. Remember, beauty comes in different shapes and forms, and your interpretation of beauty will always differ from another persons. So always aim to find beauty about yourself. It isn't being arrogant if you acknowledge your beauty, it's about showing that your are comfortable and confident about yourself. To me, a person who feels confident and beautiful about themselves, is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Anyway, onto the outfit. For me, all I knew is that the day was warm, and I wanted to feel pretty. Hence, here comes the heels and the skirt. I focused on using light hues of colours, like the saturated sky blue shirt and the light beige blazer. To me, these light hues give off the feeling of warm weather and summer. To tag along with this "warmed weather" outfit, I wanted to feature flowers in the background.

Sorry that I didn't get any street shots, but enjoy these picturesque nature photos.

Anyway that is it for now, make sure you check out Theresa's post! and don't forget, only you can determine how you feel about yourself. Never let anything influence your perception of YOUR self beauty.

Chantel xx

Outfit Details:
Top: Country Road
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Windsor Smith
Blazer - Witchery 
Glasses - House of Harlow 

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