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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hey guys!
So it's been a while, since I've posted. I'm sorry for not being a regular poster, this is because I don't want to upload any random outfit which you guys can see from other people. I'd rather post once every 2 weeks and show you guys something different. Anyway things have been hectic lately, I'm going to start year 11 next year and subject selection forms had to be handed in last week. In other words, I was being somewhat forced to think about what I wanted to do with my life. Now this thought somewhat scared me, but I think that it's the same for everyone. But nevertheless I did hand in my form and I kinda know what I want to do with my life..... I think. I don't know but you know what? I'm 15 I still got time, Stress less! Anyway onto today's blogpost, this blogpost was shot (ironically) after a university open day. I had never styled my willow top before and I've had this top for about a year now..... So I decided to pull this top out and style it. The results turned out better than expected so that's why I wanted to shoot this for you guys :)

I had wanted a industrial location for this shoot. I thought that my mono-toned outfit had/would've fitted well with a industrial kind of feel. I don't know, lately I've been interested in some interior design because of a class I'm taking now. I guess I somewhat have an interest in interior design, but I think that might be from Aimee Songs influence :p For reference she is my all time favourite fashion blogger, along with a few others. If you don't know her (which you should!) her url is She was the person who had inspired me to start fashion blogging so I somewhat look up to her as a fashion role model. But in saying that I have other bloggers who inspire me as well.

Funny thing about this, I was originally going to stand in front of the crates. But then I heard someone yelling..... They weren't necessarily yelling at me, but it was enough for me not to stand there. So that is why you see me standing next to the crates rather than being in front of them.

You guys know the drill now, unfortunately I only have one location shot for this blogpost so I apologize. But hopefully these derpy photos will make up for it. I've felt like this has been quite a serious blogpost hence the photos below.

If you guys are wondering what I was doing, I was trying to climb and sit on this gate. However it didn't really work out.....

Anyway, that's all for now guys.


Chantel xx

Outfit details:
Crop Top- One way
Tank Top- Willow
Jeans- Neon Blonde
Leather Jacket- Kenneth Cole New York
Boots- H&M
Bag- Cue
Cap- Evan Evina
Headphones- Sony
Sunglasses- ROC
Watch- Mimco
Earings- Mimco
Ear Cuff- Sportsgirl
Phone Case- Marc By Marc Jacobs

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