Act like a Lady Think like a Boss

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello everybody,
So these past 2 weeks things have been a bit hectic for me. I've just been trying to put school as a priority and focus all my time onto it. Nevertheless I didn't forget about you guys and I've been trying to shoot blogposts as frequently as possible. However I hope you guys understand how I'm trying to balance school life with fashion blogging. That day if you guys can believe it or not, I was actually doing my English assignment. It's a group assignment where we have to produce a short trailer on our interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Anyway we did end up doing all of the filming that needed to be done, so it was a productive day. Anyway enough about the school talk. So this outfit I feel is pretty much as described as the title 'Act like a lady think like a boss". I wanted to put a feminine twist on the typical button up shirt. I feel that people usually associate this piece with a working male. So I wanted to challenge this piece and show how even the most masculine pieces can be quite feminine.

So I'm just going to lay down how I tried to achieve this:
Step 1: Experiment with the shirt itself
Don't be afraid to change the buttoning of a shirt. Depending on what you're doing and how comfortable you are, change how far you want to button down/up your shirt.

Step 2: Keep it simple
What I love about these shirts are the fact that they are so simplistic. Don't try to go overboard with these tops and use the simplicity to your advantage. I tired to keep this simple and casual buy adding a pair of boyfriend jeans a pair of simple sandal heels.

Step 3: Accessories
Depending on how you style your shirt I feel that you can add accessories through one or two ways.
1. If like me you decided to unbutton a lot of the bottom half of the shirt. Focus your accessories through what you wear on your hands. Keeping with the simplicity theme I decided just to add in a basic watch instead of stacking on pairs of dainty rings.
2. If you decide to unbutton the majority of the top half of your shirt then I suggest layering simple dainty necklaces on top. 
Now in general if you were going for a handbag instead of a clutch, I'd suggest something like the Givenchy Antigona Bag (btw this is on my wishlist :p). As for accessories, go for something that isn't a typical shape eg rectangular glasses. Go for something that's different and unique, I'd suggest for a simple block colour however I know that there are some exceptions. As for me I want for your typical fierce cat eye sunglasses.

 Step 4: Be confident
Yes as typical as it is, confidence is the key thing to this outfit. One thing that every boss has is their ability to strutt their stuff. So be confident and present yourself in a manner that is professional and feminine

Also I just want to share a little story with you guys. Before I had met up with my group members, I had decided to go get a chai latte. I had told the worker how I wanted one cup of coffee however when I went to pick up my order I received 2. Weird right? turns out I accidentally paid for 2, so I got my refund and strangely enough I got the 2nd chai latte for free. So I guess it was my lucky day :)

So I'm not gonna lie, I kinda had a little fangirl moment to myself when I found the stairs and graffiti doors. Funny how looking back 2 years ago I would absolutely not even consider taking photos of this graffiti. So I guess I've started to embrace the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure". I think during these the past two years, I've started to appreciate street art more and see how this is another form of art. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I hope you guys appreciate these art pieces as much as I did :)

Anyway that's all for now guys.

Chantel xx

PS How do you guys like the new layout?

Outfit details:
Button up Top-
Jeans- Bardot
Shoes- Windsor Smith
Clutch- Marc By Marc Jacobs
Watch- Burberry 
Sunglasses- House of Harlow

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