Exploring Fremantle

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Since everyone was going to be busy on my birthday my brother and sister decided to take me out the day before instead. My sister had knew I had never been to Fremantle before so today we took a little trip down there. Because today was a Saturday we got to go to the markets and explore the foods and stalls that they have there. I must say the markets in Fremantle are just made for hippies (ie my sister) so my sister rather enjoyed herself, in fact I think she enjoyed herself more then I did.

Overall it was a really fun day however I couldn't really take a lot of photos of my outfit because:
A) It was raining
B) It was packed with people and let me say a 15 year old girl posing in front of a crowd that really isn't weird at all

But I can say I did take some nice photos of the market place. I can finally see why everyone is like when in Perth go to Fremantle. Also as me and my sister were walking past there was a photography class and they had started taking photos of us and I'm not going to lie I did kinda feel like a celeb for a moment :p

Anyway I want to talk about this amazing bomber jacket. I absolutely adore this jacket, I think that it gives off just the right amount of gold. The fact that you can see the black underneath helps break down the gold and make it less tacky. I'm not usually a glitter girl but this definitely works for me.

Outfit Details:
Top- Kmart (gotta love a cheapy)
Rings- Ebay (You can't see them but they're a circle, triangle and square rings)
Wallet/travel wallet- Kate Spade New York

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  1. WOW!!! What's the name of that patisserie store!? It looks delicious!!! I alos LOVE that Kate Spade wallet of urs, especially the colour!!! Where did u get it? I want one now!!!

    1. Hi Jenny!
      The first store with all the macarons is called Maison Saint-Honoré and the second store with the cakes is called Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a link for the Kate Spade wallet however I did purchase it at David Jones if that helps :)

    2. No worries!!! That was a great help, oh and Happy Birthday!!!

    3. Thank you! If you have any more questions just feel free to comment :)